GIMP Extensions

Extensive range of new plugins and scripts for the GIMP graphic editor with various adjustment modes, featuring support for video editing.

  • GIMP Extensions
  • Version:2.8 Build 20141126
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Pedro Cunha

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GIMP Extensions Description

GIMP Extensions represents a collection of scripts and plugins designed for the GIMP graphic editor, in order to enhance its functionality and provide users with additional methods of adjusting their photos.

Customizable setup package

The installation procedure is pretty lengthy. In addition to plugins and scripts, the tool offers to integrate file types support and also install Gimp Animation Package (GAP) which contains a set of advanced functions to create animations, along with Gimp Paint Studio which includes a collection of brushes and various tool presets. Any of these components can be excluded from setup.

New menus and new entries in existing menus

Unfortunately, GIMP Extensions does not show a small tutorial with the location of the new plugins and scripts. These can be found in existing menus such as “Image”, like error level analysis, flatten layer groups, reverse or mirror layers, generate duotone separations or separate images, softproof the CMYK color and generate CMYK separations.

The “Layer” menu now allows users to liquid scale images to keep the layer features, automatically rotate the photos after creating strokes on paths, copy layers in various methods, copy or pack linked layers, apply layer effects (e.g. gradient or color overlay), and more.

Numerous filters, effects and adjustment options

The “Colors” menu has been extended as well, permitting users to convert pics to multiple black and white channels based on popular channel mixer settings, add color tint layers, and so on. From the “Tools” menu it is possible to resort to image registration modules like transformation model, matching area, accuracy, iterations, interpolation and clipping, as well as to make adjustments to the images grid layout in terms of paper size, DPI of new image, rows and columns count, foreground and background colors, and many more. The new menus integrated by GIMP Extensions are “FX-Foundry,” “Script-Fu” and “Video” which feature numerous options and customization preferences.


All in all, GIMP Extensions comes in handy to any serious GIMP users who are looking for new and exciting ways to improve their work, thanks to its extensive range of scripts, plugins and adjustment methods. It is easy to install and takes a lot of time to explore it entirely.

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