GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar

A simple and intuitive application that offers you the possibility of expanding your desktop size by using the Taskbar as a control panel.

  • GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GiMeSpace

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GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar Description

Those who rely heavily on their display space and seek out a way to manage it more efficiently could benefit from GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar. This application was developed to provide users with the means to manage several windows simultaneously and their corresponding content on their monitors. By turning the Taskbar into a control panel for the different windows, it will allow one to manipulate the opened windows much easier.

Configuration interface that provides fair customization for handling opened windows

GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar offers a plain interface that allows users to define new ways in which they can control their opened windows. Its main features are accessible from the tray area icon and it transforms the Taskbar into an opened windows overview.

If several windows are opened and the utility initialized, when resizing the Taskbar, people will be able to preview the opened windows in the Taskbar. Furthermore, if selecting the previews, they can move them freely into the virtual desktop space provided by the application.

Achieve an increased desktop space management with this intelligent application

People can handle the opened windows from their displays, by using the enhanced Taskbar provided by the application. The utility allows them to define a custom scroll speed, refresh rate and sticky scrolling options for the opened windows, which can be redistributed around the display with ease.

A custom virtual screen resolution can be defined, this way people creating the preferred space for their opened windows. By simply moving their previews on the Taskbar, the windows will then be rearranged on the virtual desktop space, enabling users to expand their desktops.

Valuable software solution for users who require a reliable way of extending their display space

GiMeSpace Ultimate Taskbar addresses those who seek a utility that can help them manage multiple opened windows with greater ease, in a virtual desktop space. It will provide them with an accessible solution that features numerous customizable features and multiple keyboard shortcuts for prompting the various tools.

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