GiMeSpace Cam Control

Change the way you interact with your computer by enabling you to move the mouse cursors through mouse gestures and more with this lightweight app.

  • GiMeSpace Cam Control
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GiMeSpace Cam Control Description

Technology is evolving at such rates that in merely ten years of development, interactions with a computer and mobile devices are now done through touch-sensitive screens and even gestures. In this regard, GiMeSpace Cam Control aims to let you move the mouse pointer simply by waving your hands in front of a connected webcam.

Pay attention to the setup process

You need to pay attention to the setup process first of all, because there’s a high chance your homepage is not the same the next time you launch your web browser. However, this options is clearly visible and you shouldn’t have any problems along the way.

Easily set up camera and actions

As mentioned above, the application wants to give you the possibility to control several actions such as moving the mouse pointer or scrolling through pages through hand gestures in front of your webcam. Setting up the camera is easily done by selecting the appropriate device from a drop-down menu.

There are more controls to be found in the main window. It’s structured in tabs, so you can quickly access general options, horizontal, vertical and zoom functions. The list of supported actions is not abundant, but are enough to give you a better grip on presentations.

Slightly questionable functionality

You can choose the same number of options for all gestures, such as moving the mouse pointer on both axes, page scrolling, left/right keys, as well as support for some other counterparts. If you happen to use GiMeSpace Free Edition, Desktop Extender or Ultimate Taskbar you can find several dedicated controls.

However, after some time spent adjusting sensitivity sliders, camera options related to colors, movement speed of gestures, and more than enough to hand movement to make up for a daily dose of exercise, the mouse pointer stubbornly refused to move unless we finally decided to touched the mouse.

A few last words

Bottom line is that we can’t really say whether or not the level of practicality found within GiMeSpace Cam Control is worth your time. It’s easy to set up technical details and no errors occur during usage, but a considerable amount of time needs to be spent waving your hands in front of the camera in different lighting conditions for proper functionality.

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