GiliSoft Audio Converter Ripper

An all-in-one application used to convert and extract all types of audio streams from video files, or cut and join them to a single file.

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GiliSoft Audio Converter Ripper Description

Gilisoft Audio Converter Ripper is a piece of software designed to provide users with the possibility to easily convert songs to and from various file formats.

Intuitive interface

The application comes with an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to start browsing their drives for files to convert with only a few mouse clicks.

All of the selected files are then listed on the app’s main window, which provides users with various management options, while also allowing them to preview any of the files.

Support various output formats

The program comes with support for a variety of codecs, and allows users choose the one they consider best fit for their needs, before kicking off the conversion process. At the same time, users can choose the quality of the output audio files, and can switch them to mono or stereo.

With the help of Gilisoft Audio Converter Ripper, users can rip audio CDs and save the songs on their computers, for faster access. On top of that, the application can be used to extract the audio tracks from videos.

Easily trim or join files

The software provides users with the possibility to easily cut their songs into smaller pieces, provided that they want to listen only to specific parts of them.

The tool can merge multiple files into a single one, and users only need to add the files they want to merge to the conversion queue, and then to check the “Merge all files into one” option on the app’s main window and to hit the “Start” button.

Enjoy fast operations

During our testing, we noticed that Gilisoft Audio Converter Ripper is a fast application, and that it can convert multiple files in a matter of seconds of minutes, depending on their size. It supports a great deal of codecs, allowing users to convert files to a range of formats, while also offering increased ease-of-use.

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