Gigaset QuickSync

Synchronize your Gigaset device with your computer by turning to this application that also enables you to download custom ringtones, caller pictures or screensavers.

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Gigaset QuickSync Description

Gigaset QuickSync is an application that was designed to help users synchronize their Gigaset devices with their computers. Users can exchange contact details between the two environments by providing the application with a suitable address book, such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Contacts or Google Contacts.

The synchronization process can be accomplished by using a data transfer cable, an Ethernet network connection or via Bluetooth, depending on the situation.

Aside from synchronizing contact details, this application can help users perform various other tasks. For instance, it is possible to download custom ringtones, contact pictures and screensavers, according to your preferences.

Aside from the features mentioned above, users can benefit from ringtone and image editor if they need to send only specific parts of the contents to their devices. For certain equipment, the Outlook contacts’ pictures are automatically transferred to the handset address book.

Furthermore, the application packs CTI abilities, which enable users with a broad range of capabilities. For example, they can display incoming calls directly on their computers or dial directly from their Outlook Contacts client, if they need to.

Gigaset QuickSync also comes with a handset firmware update module that works exclusively via USB connection and with specific devices only.

System requirements

  • Supported Gigaset device
  • Microsoft Outlook

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