This straightforward application offers you the possibility to create various sound effects using your audio tracks or recording new ones.

  • Giada
  • Version : 0.14.1
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Monocasual

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Giada Description

Music production involves the use of many powerful tools in order to achieve the highest possible quality for the tracks one is working on. Adding samples and effects to the song that is currently playing is not unusual, but the functions offered by Giada may catch the eye of some of the professionals.

Clean interface with seemingly mysterious controls

Once you unwrap the package that this program comes in, you will be able to deploy it without having to install anything. The smooth GUI that greets you makes it possible to easily get to all the knobs and switches of the application, as long as you can identify them and the function they serve.

To understand what each button does, it is most likely to try them one at a time, because there are no explanations as to what function they serve.

Multiple channels and advanced sample editing functions

With Giada you can create as many channels as you need, each containing either a MIDI file or another sample in waveform format. For any of them you can start editing the content or the corresponding actions if you use the right-click menu to select the task.

The built-in editor helps you adjust the sample volume, boost the input or normalize the file. Altering the pitch is also possible, as is setting the start and end points. In case you make a selection from the loaded waveform, you can silence it, fade in or out the sound, smooth edges and more.

Good feature set, yet still behind on ease of use

The support for VST instruments, the numerous looping modes and the precise looping system it comes with barely compensate the hard time beginners will have trying to accommodate to the rather difficult way of controlling this software solution that is clearly made for advanced users.

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