Obtain real-time meteorological and hydrological data with this application that integrates with many stations that can be modified.

  • GetRealtime
  • Version :4.3.2
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Carson

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GetRealtime Description

GetRealtime is a handy little tool designed to keep users informed of the changing meteorological and hydrological conditions. The application receives information from multiple weather stations, and, thus, requires an Internet connection.

A good tool for anyone interested in the weather conditions

Anyone interested in the weather will find this program highly useful. It is extremely easy to install and run, which means it can benefit a wide array of users. The information retrieved depends on the specifics of each weather station, but can range from solar radiation values to precipitation and wind speed.

The interface is streamlined for quick access to information. There are no menus, no tabs and almost no settings to tweak with. Navigation is performed exclusively through intuitive buttons. A few check-boxes allow for a minimum amount of configuration. All in all, a new user can obtain relevant information with fewer than five mouse clicks!

Can receive data on wind conditions

Once the program is started, users can select a station in order to receive information. This is an important step, as each station sends different packets of data. For example, many stations will submit water flow information, however, only a few will transmit rainfall data. Therefore, users should check the “Datatype” column first, in order to receive relevant feedback.

One of the nice features is that, based on the data received from the server, simple graphics will be displayed. This is a quick and intuitive method of conveying vital statistics.

Users can choose to display only daily averages

There are a few options to customize the query results. For example, one can display daily averages or minimum and maximum values for the data received.

To conclude, GetRealtime is a lightweight application that allows users to receive real-time meteorological data.

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