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Make sure that you prevent any health condition result from working for hours at the computer with regular exercise suggestions provided by this app.

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  • Version :1.74
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michael Todd

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Get Exercise Description

While working conditions have improved considerably over the past decades and most people do their jobs on a computer, the truth is that the mouse and keyboard can be dangerous for your health. More precisely, without taking a break every so often, you risk developing one of the conditions that are under the broad RSI umbrella.

Exercise Reminder is a light piece of software that enables you to set a schedule to take a break from work and walk around, take a drink of water or stretch whatever muscle group you feel is rather tight.

Includes various exercise groups and instructions

After a quick installation, you can access the program’s Settings window from the System Tray and configure it. You should know that the app enables you to enter your work schedule hours as well as how often you want to receive reminders regarding the breaks.

The highlight of the tool stems from the fact that it comes with dozens of exercises suggestions that are gathered from various sources across the web. The workouts are displayed on your screen along with text and visual instructions, so anyone can perform them no matter of how active of a person they are.

Enables you to set timers for light exercise breaks

Irrespective of the type of workout you can perform while at the office, you can do it as often as you prefer or, better yet, as your physician recommended. It is necessary to mention that the program allows you to specify the type of exercise along with the hour you want to perform it.

You can switch between three types of activities, namely light desk stretching exercises, moderate aerobics sessions and advanced circuit training. In case you do not know what exercise you should be performing, then you can rest assured that the tool includes visual aids with instructions to get you started.

A simple tool that can help prevent RSI

In the eventuality that you are experiencing constant back, hand or neck pains or have dry eyes, then Exercise Reminder can help you set up a schedule for taking breaks and stretch to get the blood pumping again in the problematic areas.

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