AutoCAD tool – georeferencing of raster images in plain AutoCAD.

  • GeoRefImg
  • Version :2.7
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CAD Studio a.s.

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GeoRefImg Description

GeoRefImg is a tool specifically designed for AutoCAD usage to set the raster images in a drawing to a particular size and position.

This is achieved automatically according to the data specified in the images’ World files that are in charge with defining various parameters of a raster image, geo-position among them.

Installation quirks

Getting the utility on the system may not be the simplest job as the procedure has to be completed either using _APPLOAD or by manually placing the GeoRefImg folder into a particular location. Fortunately, the download includes complete instructions on how the task can be carried out.

Working with the plug-in

For AutoCAD professionals working with GeoRefImg should not present a challenge because once the GEOREFIMG command is executed the images have to be selected and the repositioning and scaling is done automatically according to the available parameters.

The utility can be used with raster images of the following types: TIF, CIT, JPG, JP2, PNG, GIF, BMP, ECW, SID and works with World files such as TFW, TFWx, JGW, JPW, PGW, GFW, BPW, SDW, EWW or WLD.

If the tool does not update some of the images it’s because it checks the World file format and it deemed there is something wrong with it. However, in this case the tolerance needs to be adjusted to more lax values for everything to work fine.


GeoRefImg may be a nifty plug-in for AutoCAD users as it automates the process of scaling the raster images to the scale in the drawing. It works with most AutoCAD versions and a complete usage guide as well as installation istructions are provided in the downloaded archive.

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