GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook

A useful and reliable Outlook plugin worth having when you need to manage all of your TV recordings and watch live TV channels inside Outlook.

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GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook Description

GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook is a useful, reliable and straightforward plugin that seamlessly integrates within Outlook and enables you to manage, organize and view your favorite TV channels with ease.

Before using GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook you need to make sure that your computer meets all the requirements, otherwise you won’t be able to access any TV channel.

After installing DVBLink Connect!Server on your computer and choosing all the available plugins and tools, you can navigate to the DVBLink tab (in Outlook) and configure the settings.

This way, you can specify the DVBLink server, the streaming port and the username along with the corresponding password (in case the authorization option was checked in the DVBLink Connect!Server’s settings).

Afterward, all you have to do is to scan the entire server and view all of the available TV channels displayed in the proper list.

Using GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook you are able to turn your Outlook calendaring to a full featured EPG (Electronic program guide). You can preview each channel name alongside its ID number. Also, you can customize each one’s color and recording management.

The ‘Options’ tab allows you to synchronize the server each time you open Outlook, change the root folder and specify the log file destination path. What’s more, you can even change the backup and the restore settings according to your needs.

Considering all of the above, GeniusConnect DVBLink for Outlook proves to a steady and reliable Outlook plugin when it comes to managing all of your TV recordings and watching live TV channels inside Outlook.

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