Genius Vision NVR Software CmE

A handy and comprehensive utility worth having when you want to turn your computer, mobile phone or any other device to a remote video surveillance system.

  • Genius Vision NVR Software CmE
  • Version:9.30
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Genius Vision

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Genius Vision NVR Software CmE Description

Genius Vision NVR intends to help you monitor multiple video cameras from your desktop. You can use it to configure a video surveillance system and to monitor multiple devices from a single interface.

It is designed to use multiple camera types in order to receive video input and display it on the main window. The interface can accommodate up to 256 cameras on a single display and includes multiple layouts for monitoring the images.

Although the application is clearly designed for large institutions with advanced cameras, even a simple webcam can be used for sending images to the server. The supported device list includes a wide range of IP, USB or RTSP cameras that can be configured individually and grouped into channels.

The program is built on a client – server architecture that allows you to customize the camera access rights for more than one user. The user account properties include the devices that can be accessed and the available operations. The app can also run as a Windows service to record the images without logging in or opening the user interface.

The server includes a web component for accessing the cameras online in any Internet browser. You can use it for remote controlling the system from any computer, even when you cannot access the application directly.

Genius Vision includes a flexible scheduling feature for the users that need to record the activity from a certain camera within a specified time interval. It is able to configure a daily or weekly schedule and to combine them for any time interval that you find important.

The interface of the application can feel a little complicated for the users that do not have experience in working with multiple video devices. Fortunately, the application includes an extensive documentation in order to get used to the controls with minimal effort.

Overall, this video surveillance solution is a flexible tool with multiple features that is recommended for permanent usage. The Community Edition is also free for non-commercial purposes which makes it suitable for home users and some institutions.

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