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Quickly customize your desktop with stylish icons, shortcuts to files, programs or Internet addresses, which you can access with one click.

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GeneSix App Launcher Description

GeneSix App Launcher is a reliable application that allows you to create and organize custom shortcuts on your desktop. The application offers you flexibility and the possibility in linking any program or file on your computer to one of the icons that it contains.

Simple to use shortcut generator

GeneSix App Launcher is a straightforward application, created using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and NWJS languages, which allows you to create various shortcuts on your desktop. You may link a local folder, a file, a process or an Internet page to one of the icons, then instantly prompt it when you click the shortcut.

You may run commands or open local programs with just one mouse click. Moreover, the icons are customizable in that you can assign any image thumbnail to it, align them in various modes and change their colors. The icon can automatically modify its color when you hover your mouse over it.

Hexagon or line alignment

GeneSix App Launcher allows you to add or remove icons, with one mouse click. Whenever creating a new shortcut, you must specify its name and assign a particular action to it, then you may customize it.

You may choose to view the name displayed under the icon or to arrange the shortcuts in several modes. Thus, you may align them horizontally or vertically, as well as arrange them in a hexagonal grid.

By default, the application features three shortcuts, with hexagonal icons and encourages you to assign new items with similar shapes. The hexagon grid arrangement works best when all the icons feature this shape.

Desktop customizer and program launcher

GeneSix App Launcher allows you to stylize your desktop, by creating several shortcuts with customizable icons. Moreover, the application allows you to group them so that they can be easily accessed, while decorating your desktop. You may assign any image as icon, however, you may wish to choose hexagonal icons especially if you select the Hex grid arrangement mode.

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