Generic Mod Enabler

Install and uninstall various mods from your games in a simple and fast manner using this comprehensive and powerful modding tool.

  • Generic Mod Enabler
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Jaesen Jones

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Generic Mod Enabler Description

Game modding is something that is never going to disappear. At one point or another you want new items, characters, maps and much more stuff added to your game.

Generic Mod Enabler is a lightweight application that you can use to mod your games in a simple and hassle free way. It displays a comprehensive interface which makes the entire modding process much more accessible to you if you’re a first time user. It’s composed of two sections, one in which you view the available mods and one that displays the activated ones.

To use the application you first need to install it in the target game root folder. This way, the application creates the ‘MODS’ folder it needs for the process. With Generic Mod Enabler you also get to create a snapshot of the original files to verify their integrity. Next, you copy the mod files into a subfolder that you create inside the ‘MODS’ directory. Before running the application you need to make sure that the subfolder for the new mod replicates that of the original game. Run the modding process and you’re done.

When loading a mod, all its subfolder names are inserted into the ‘Available Mods’ section and activating a mod copies the files into the game structure and backs up the items that are overwritten. This being the main reason why the mod subfolder has to be identical to the game structure. If you want to perform any updates to the mod subfolder, you need to disable the mod before you make any changes.

It sounds really easy and to some extent it is but you do have to document yourself on how the entire process works before you get on your way to modding.

If you’re a gamer that’s into modding, then Generic Mod Enabler should be your first choice because it provides you with a simple and effective way of modding your games.

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