Gem for OneNote

Accessible toolkit for OneNote 2010 / 2013 that provides you with a large set of new functions that can help you improve your work.

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Gem for OneNote Description

Gem for OneNote is a powerful toolkit designed to provide users with expanded functionality in OneNote 2010 and OneNote 2013. It is installed as an add-in for the Microsoft application and delivers over 150 new features to users, all of which are grouped together into six new tabs.

All of the additional capabilities that come with the toolkit are accessible directly from the OneNote ribbon interface, providing users with increased time savings when taking advantage of them. The new ribbon tabs that come with the add-in are Gem, Edit, Object, Link, Cooperation, and Table Tools – Gem.

Manage pages and notebooks effortlessly

With the help of this program, users can manage pages in their projects much easier than before while also being offered the possibility to create and manage new Notebooks fast. The Gem tab also allows users to insert new pages on top of the Notebook and to create subpages from selected paragraphs.

The Edit tab includes a large number of tools that are aimed at improving the text management capabilities of OneNote. Thus, users can switch between different page styles, can modify paragraphs, bullets, and numbering, and can also alter the layout of Notebooks.

Edit images and insert links

The Object tab includes a range of functions associated with the management of images and objects in the text. It allows users to arrange these items quickly, as well as to convert text to table, and even to remove all of the links that found in the text.

Those users who want to insert reference elements into their pages should head to the Link tab. It allows them to add captions to their text, along with references and comments, and can also be used to attach file details and to view all of the attachments.

Improve team cooperation

By default, OneNote can be used as a collaboration tool, and Gem adds some more such capabilities to it. Thus, it allows users to use pages for brainstorming, as well as to export text to applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Users interested in inserting tables in their Notebooks can enjoy a series of new functions as well. As soon as a table has been selected, a new Gem tab appears in the Table Tools section, allowing them to manage cells efficiently, to insert formulas, and even to export the table to Excel.

A powerful add-in

In conclusion, Gem for OneNote delivers a comprehensive set of functions to OneNote users, while also allowing them to take advantage of these features in an intuitive manner. Some of its capabilities might freeze briefly when launched, but the tool transforms OneNote in a text editor that combines both Microsoft Word and Excel capabilities.

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