A dedicated software solution that can help users measure the performance of their CPU and memory, as well as perform stress tests.

  • Geekbench
  • Version :4.1.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Primate Labs

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Geekbench Description

When you want to assess the performance of your computer, it is best to rely on dedicated software solutions that can accurately calculate a wide range of parameters.

For example, you can use Geekbench whenever you want to get a precise evaluation regarding the current performance of your processor.

Cross-platform CPU benchmark software

The application can be installed without too much hassle on your computer and you can choose when to start testing the full capabilities of your CPU. If you want to make sure the results are as accurate as possible, it is recommended to close all the other open programs and run only Geekbench.

The main window display some handy information about the current PC, such as the operating system, the processor model and manufacturer, as well as details about the RAM.

You can start the benchmark tests with a single mouse click, then examine the separate scores for single-core and multi-core performance.

Run thorough stress tests on your CPU

In addition to the previously mentioned benchmarks, Geekbench also features exhaustive stress tests that can help you determine whether your computer can successfully handle a strenuous workload.

Due to these stress tests, you also get the possibility to detect various stability issues of your computer so you can fix them before they become serious problems.

Once the analysis is complete, you can review the results within a detailed report that you can also save for later examination.

A powerful and reliable CPU benchmark solution

All in all, Geekbench can help you check if your CPU is in top shape or if you need to upgrade your hardware as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also rely on Geekbench’s functions to assess the speed and stability of any new computer you want to purchase or a new configuration that you are working on.

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