A reliable and handy application that allows you to easily open and manage GEDCOM files that contain genealogy databases and information.

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GedScape Description

Most genealogists use GEDCOM(GEnealogical Data COMmunication) data files because they contain detailed information about each individual and their ancestors. But managing such data is troublesome, as it is composed of text and command tags.

Fortunately, there are software solutions such as GedScape, that allow you to visualize and manage GEDCOM data with ease.

Handy and easy to use genealogical database manager with intuitive GUI

The application allows you to manage genealogical data by reading information from GEDCOM files, then displaying it through an easy to use interface. This way, you can easily see details about an individual’s family tree, along with all its ancestors.

Furthermore, each person name, location or place is hyperlinked, so clicking it will lead you to additional information about an individual or its place of birth. This is a handy feature, as you do not have to manually search a person to get more information about it.

Reliable and robust family tree viewer that displays Pedigree charts

GedScape gives you the possibility to analyze GEDCOM files, extract their content and display it in a smart and intuitive manner, which can be easily viewed and further analyzed.

Aside from this, you can create detailed reports about each individual and its ancestors, then export them, so that they can be extensively analyzed by others. Besides, you can export all data to other formats, such as CSV, a file format that can be used to import data to other applications.

A powerful and sturdy family tree database analyzer with an emphasis on GEDCOM files

As a conclusion, GedScape helps you extract the genealogical data from GEDCOM files and present it in a comprehensive manner, facilitating its analysis. By doing so, you can easily view categorized data about an individual’s birth place, family tree, marital status, ancestry and death place.

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