Edit DOC, XLS, PPT, ODT and all Office document types using the powerful yet friendly Google Docs platform that only requires a Google account to use.

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  • Version :5.1.0
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
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GDocsOpen Description

Cloud computing solutions have been employed for multiple reasons, from scientific research to business analytics and even simple data storage solutions. Of the latter kind, Google Docs has been widely praised as a great solution for quick dissemination of data. GDocsOpen is an application that seeks to help Google Docs and Google Drive users edit, save, share or download their files.

Requires a Gmail account to connect to the Cloud

The program integrates with the Gmail account, and thus, requires that a proper account has been previously configured; also a working Internet connection is needed. After users have loaded their Gmail credentials and have given the program permission to access their cloud account, the program allows one to upload, view, edit and share files in most common formats, including DOCs, ODTs and all other Office documents.

Users can load files either by manually selecting items or by drag and drop operations and the program will automatically upload the file to the Cloud. Basic content modifications can be performed and all files that have been transferred with this application will be stored in a special folder.

Edit most common documents

A history log is kept in the main window, which allows users to reopen recent projects. Another notable feature is the ability to sync cloud and local content. Default file associations can be defined and users can even employ a proxy to connect to the Cloud.

All in all, the highly intuitive setup and easy editing capabilities will make this program highly useful for anyone who regularly employs Google Docs or Google Drive.

The program connects to Google Docs and Google Drive and allows users to edit their documents in real-time

Summing up, GdocsOpen is a simple and practical tool for anyone who wants a Google Cloud tool that streamlines users’ experience.

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