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Quickly download Google books, with the help of this simple tool, which can extract the data from the indicated URL and save it to the desired format.

  • GBook Downloader
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Fahmi Noor Fiqri

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GBook Downloader Description

GBook Downloader is a reliable tool that allows you to manage the download of books in electronic formats from the Google library. The application is capable of extracting the available information on the document you are searching for. It features no limitation regarding the book download, such as size.

Simple to use application with a straightforward interface

GBook Downloader is easy to use, lightweight tool, designed to facilitate the download books from the Google collection. The application can extract the information available at the specified URL and enables you to save it to your computer, either as a PDF or a PNG image.

The user intervention is limited to pasting the URL in the designated field, selecting the output format and selecting the destination folder. GBook Downloader allows you to start or stop the download process at any time, using the command buttons at the top of the interface.

Activity log display

GBook Downloader is a user-friendly application, which allows you to view all the actions it performed during the download. You may thus gain some insight on the program’s inner-works and monitor the duration of each task.

The status area is where the title of the currently downloading file is displayed, along with the number of pages. You may open the book information dialog, in order to view the name of the author, book description, publisher or release date.

Download and encrypt PDFs

GBook Downloader allows you to acquire the desired book as a PDF or in PNG format. Moreover, the program can identify the book’s PID, which allows it to download the available pages for preview.

A nifty function of this application is that it can encrypt output PDF files using the owner and user passwords you specify.

You need to keep in mind that you need to save your modified settings between switching to another tab, otherwise the changes are lost.

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