A software plugin that enables users to reduce flickering due to variations in lighting or exposure in time-lapse or stop motion footage.

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GBDeflicker Description

GBDeflicker is an Adobe compatible plug-in that enables users to remove time-lapse flicker, which is a common problem for stop motion footage captured with a digital still camera.

The software eliminates frame by frame variations in lighting or exposure by reducing the brightness fluctuation. The video composition is automatically analyzed, and abrupt changes in luminance are smooth out.

Users can employ one of the several optimized default settings to remove most cases of flickering. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, navigation and processing are made simple for all level users.

The plug-in provides rich controls and displays that allow users to customize the analysis of any video sequence. It operates in 32-bit color and users can track input, output, settings, luminance and histogram from the main window of the application and receive any relevant alerts throughout processing.

Users can integrate this software into Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. The application provides optional sub-rectangle analysis, a luminance correction algorithm, frame by frame histogram display, linear or gamma correction, and luminance graph to indicate the degree of flicker.

There are multiple versions which can be integrated into various editions of host applications.

System requirements

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Watermark on the processed images.

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