Automate tedious task and sequences of activities you need to do on your computer to save time and energy using this software solution.

  • Version :17.03.15
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Robert A. Baykov

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GAVPI Description

In the eventuality that you have a hectic schedule and would like to delegate some of the repetitive, dull tasks you need to perform on a daily basis on the computer, then perhaps it is time to consider using a voice recognition tool.

GAVPI is an application designed to help you create and execute elaborate and tedious individual tasks and sequences of actions using your voice.

Simplistic interface and minimum configuration

The setup is straightforward and entails decompressing the archive in the desired location on your computer. While you are welcomed by a small window upon launch, you should access the application from the System Tray and take the time to configure it.

You should know that the configuration entails creating a profile, defining the actions, triggers and corresponding events. The program enables you to have multiple profiles, a feature that can help you use similar voice commands for distinct activities and applications. You can specify the voice pack that you want the app to account for and use push-to-talk to register your commands.

Create your action sequences and trigger events

It is important to note that the distributions can entail speech commands as well as mouse or keyboard presses, if you find it more convenient. Considering that the series of actions are usually carried very quickly, it is advisable to add the wait command in situations when the processes need to be registered.

In addition to the actions, you can define the triggers by specifying its type, name and value. As you probably guessed now, the trigger events refer to the actual actions that are going to be carried out by the application automatically. On a side note, the utility allows you to employ multiple sequences and triggers, so you can reuse commands in different situations.

A handy tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks

Irrespective of whether you are trying to reduce the risk of developing an RSI condition or simply prefer to get the monotonous tasks done faster, GAVPI can help you record commands and execute series of actions based on what you say.

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