Helps you organize your time in a more efficient manner by breaking down projects into tasks, organizing resources and generating Gantt charts.

  • GanttProject
  • Version : 2.8.5 Pilsen Build 2179
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
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GanttProject Description

GanttProject is a useful program built in Java, developed specifically in order to help you administer your time and resources better.

The interface has a tabbed display that enables you to switch between the generated Gantt charts and the resources. It is user-friendly, meaning any type of individual can easily work with it, regardless of their previous experience.

There is an unlimited number of tasks which can be added along with details like the start date, deadline, priority, resources needed and coordinator. In order to make some important assignments stand out even more, you can use a color-coding system.

Resources generally refer to the human component of the task and that is why you can add important information such as name, phone, e-mail address, role in the project and days off. Accessing a log to see if there were some unexpected errors or crashes is possible.

GanttProject incorporates a small search tool that can help you look for assignments or resources faster, by inputting a keyword. You should also know that you can generate PERT charts (Project Evaluation and Review Technique), that show which tasks need to be completed in order to complete a project.

All the data stored and charts created can be exported to the hard drive in GAN, XML, PNG, JPG, HTML and PDF. Moreover, you can import information from GAN, XML, TXT and CSV.

To sum up, GanttProject is an efficient piece of software that can help you organize your time and projects better, by breaking them down into projects, adding resources and generating PERT or Gantt charts. The CPU and memory usage is minimal and no crashes or bugs were registered during our tests.

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