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Assign keyboard- or mouse-specific actions to your gamepad and control your computer easily by turning to this handy application.

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Gamepad Map Description

If you are a fan of using gamepads during gaming sessions on your PC, then you probably wanted to perform various auxiliary actions on your computer without using your keyboard or your mouse.

Fortunately, you can rely on specialized software solutions such as Gamepad Map that can help you achieve quick, convenient results in the situation depicted above.

Please note that in order to benefit from this program’s full range of capabilities, you need to have a gamepad, a mouse and a keyboard connected to your computer.

Stylish interface

This program comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that lets you operate its controls as soon as you launch it, since they are highly intuitive and require no extensive computer knowledge.

However, its lack of any form of help documentation can be disconcerting for some users, that might find it difficult to understand or operate its functions without additional guidance.

Perform various actions with your gamepad

You can turn to Gamepad Map if you want to perform other actions aside from gamepad-specific ones on your device. After you launch it, you can see a list of controls that you can customize according to your needs.

It is possible to configure each controller separately or adjust settings for all the devices that are connected to your computer by selecting the corresponding option according to your preference. The application provides you with three customizable profiles, a Media, a First-person and a Racing one, each with its own settings.

Features simple control panel

You can also view a list of controllers that are connected to your computer by selecting the Control Panel option from the main menu. It is also possible to display advanced setings for each device and also view their properties by selecting the corresponding button for the desired function.

Lightweight gamepad manager that lets you assign it keyboard- and mouse-specific actions

All things considered, Gamepad Map is a lightweight application that lets you perform various keyboard- and mouse-specific actions by using your gamepad. It features a smooth user interface, packs intuitive functions but, unfortunately, lacks any form of help documentation, which might be disconcerting for some users.

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