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Store your save games in the cloud and synchronize them across multiple computers, while having complete control over what happens with your files.

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Game Cloud Description

One of the great things about Steam, Origin and other game distribution platforms is that they usually store your save games in the cloud, which means you can log in from any PC and continue where you left off without copying any files manually. This is not possible for all games however, and some users prefer to have more control over the process.

Game Cloud is a very lightweight app that brings this could saving functionality to all your games. It monitors your save folders for changes continuously but gives you complete control over file uploads.

Great save game synchronizer for users who prefer a hands-on approach

Many people appreciate game distribution platforms because they streamline the process of installing software and handle save synchronization automatically, thus letting users enjoy their games without worrying about anything else.

Game Cloud, however, was designed from the ground up to offer increased visibility and ensure no content is uploaded without the user’s knowledge. It still monitors your save folders automatically, but you can choose if and when save games are synchronized.

As an added bonus, the process of creating an account is remarkably simple, as no personal information is required. You only need to provide a username and password, and the latter can also be recovered if forgotten.

Community-driven game database

While all uploads are handled manually, adding new games to your account is not at all complicated. The app comes with a decent game database, enabling you to add known save game folders with just a few mouse clicks.

Unfortunately, it has to be said that a rather limited number of games are included at present. However, the database will likely grow as more people start using the app and submit new games. All users can rate these entries, and those that fall below a certain threshold will be removed automatically.

Resource-friendly app that can also create local backups

Even though it monitors your folders continuously, the application has a very low resource impact, which is something gamers are usually worried about. However, it would have been great if it were possible to send Game Cloud to the system tray so as to make it less obtrusive.

Although this feature is entirely optional, you also have the option of creating local backups of your save files before each sync. The backup location, however, cannot be customized.

On the whole, Game Cloud is a promising utility for users who wish to backup and synchronize all their saves, regardless of which distribution platform each game relies on. It provides you with complete control over file uploads, and it is very novice-friendly, but it would benefit from a couple of extra features and a more extensive game database.

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