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With this lightweight and intuitive program, you can quickly convert money from one currency to another, using the latest information available.

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fxr foXer Description

fxr foXer is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software that was created to offer you a simple means of converting currencies on the spot, without having to resort to web searches or other such methods, in order to find the most recent values.

Flexible and intuitive interface

By default, the application runs minimized in the system tray, in order to interfere as little as possible with your regular activities, yet be ready to serve your needs the instant you need to convert currencies.

fxr foXer can be called out by clicking its notification area icon, by choosing the ‘Open’ entry in its menu or simply by pressing the CTRL+C keys whenever you are working in a document and have to quickly operate a conversion.

Convert currencies with just a few keystrokes

The program updates the information about the various International currencies from the European Central Bank, on working days, at 14.00 UTC, thus ensuring their accuracy and reliability.

fxr foXer can work with almost any currency in existence, including Dollar, Euro, Krone, Franc, Mark, Lira, Pound, Forint, Leu, and numerous others, requiring you simply to activate the ones you use most often, from the ‘Configuration’ section.

Moreover, the utility allows you to choose the currency format and the labeling (whether to show symbols, codes, names or numbers only). You can also pick the preferred ‘Decimal Disambiguation’, either dot or comma, depending on your country’s specifics.

When complete, fxr foXer enables you to copy the result to clipboard with a single button press, and paste it in your working document or window, so you can carry on with your tasks uninterrupted.

A useful currency conversion instrument

In short, fxr foXer is a handy and effective application that can come to your assistance whenever you need and convert money between two international currencies, but otherwise remaining hidden in the system tray until called out.


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