FX Stat Cloud

An efficient and user-friendly software utility that works as a school statistics package, allowing you to create graph and diagrams the way you want.

  • FX Stat Cloud
  • Version :4.001.11
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Efofex Software

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FX Stat Cloud Description

Statistics is widely used today in various domains in which qualitative research methods have failed to provide accurate answers. From analyzing complex financial trends and weather patterns to simple regressions, applying statistical methods has become a very powerful tool in the search to provide ever better solutions for common problems.

Create informative statistical examples for students

Although not directed at research or complex phenomenons, FX Stat allows one to get to grips with the basics of conducting a statistical inquiry. The software is designed for secondary-level Mathematics students and is, therefore, geared more towards providing functional examples of everyday usage of Statistics.

That being said, the program is tailor-made for the age group it targets and features a GUI that stands out with its simplicity and accessibility. Indeed, new users will be kept far away from all the number crunching and complex mathematical formulas.

Build random data-sets with the multiple built-in data generators

As with all similar programs, the application requires source data to process. Users are free to insert values manually in a frame that contains a miniature spreadsheet-like form. One of the great features of this program is the numerous data generators it employs. This allows teachers to reveal the flexibility and the limits of statistical methods.

Once source data has been loaded, a wide array of univariate, bivariate and even trivariate graphs can be generated. Standard tools such as boxplots and scattergraphs are available, as well as histograms and pie charts. All graphs are highly customizable, which can be a very useful feature when certain elements have to be highlighted.

Generate univariate, bivariate or trivariate graphs from source data

To sum up, FX Stat is a great program for professionals involved in teaching secondary-level Mathematics and introductory Statistics courses.

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