Fund Manager Personal

Retrieve and manage your investment portfolios from home by taking advantage of the multiple reports and various price update options provided by this detailed application.

  • Fund Manager Personal
  • Version :2016.14.14.100
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Beiley Software

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Fund Manager Personal Description

Fund Manager Personal is a finance and business tool specialized in tracking and organizing all your investments and transactions with the aid of graphs and reports.

Define a new portfolio

You can design a new portfolio using a wizard-like approach. You can enter details about the name, account number and memo, enable online transaction/position retrieval (and give info about the username and password), as well as manually set up your current holdings.

What’s more, you can add multiple investments, retrieve prices from the Internet for your new investments or manually update the price, select the default cash account, and pick the portfolio location.

Importing/exporting options

You are allowed to add prices, transactions and positions from different file formats, such as PRN, QIF, OFX, QFX, or plain text file format. When it comes to exporting data, you can save the information to CSV, QIF or other file format.

Generate various types of graphs and reports

Fund Manager Personal lets you create all sorts of graphs related to portfolio value, cost, gain and investment overlay, share price, volume, gain, and moving average. Pie charts may also be generated with details about the investment, asset allocation, symbol, currency, and tax status.

Reports may include information about the portfolio value, portfolio performance, asset, goal and sector allocation, rebalance, income schedule, monthly performance, and investment transactions.

In addition, the tool comes with support for Internet price retrieval, direct Internet transaction retrieval, capital gain calculations (FIFO, AVG or Specific Lot), graph markers and trendlines, multiple currency values, asset allocation, and rebalance holdings.

Bottom line

All in all, Fund Manager Personal integrates a powerful suite of features which are suitable especially for individual investors. In case you are a professional trader, you can check out Fund Manager Professional, while the Advisor edition can be used by financial advisors, representatives or brokers/dealers.

For example, Fund Manager Advisor offers support for trading/analytical options (e.g. technical analysis, risk/reward scatter plots, moving average alerts, real-time quotes, correlation matrix report) and client management functions (e.g. emails with graphs/reports to clients, batch printing, custom logo on reports, executive summary report, invoice report).

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