FTPGetter Standard

Configure and schedule regular uploads to FTP servers, using standard or highly secured connections, with this intuitive application.

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FTPGetter Standard Description

FTPGetter Standard is a reliable tool designed to automate secure FTP file transfers. The tool can help you save time in case you need to operate with large amounts of data and need to transfer a multitude of files on a daily basis. It features a friendly interface, which makes it a convenient utility for any user.

A tool that facilitates FTP file transfers

FTPGetter Standard offers you the means to upload/download files to/from FTP servers through secure connections, over SSL\TLS. It can also work as a Windows Service and automatically operate the tasks, at the specified time(s).

Not only can you configure repetitive uploads, but you can also plan file transfers ahead of time and make sure that the program can manage them even during the night.

Moreover, it can automatically monitor changes in the source file list and upload or download them immediately. The program also supports shell scripting, a function designed to automate multiple separate tasks.

Configure upload profiles

Any file transfer task is controlled with the help of a profile, a set of rules which allows you to define the connection settings, scheduler details and other actions. The program supports connection via proxy and allows you to choose between standard File Transfer Protocol or Secure FTP with SSL\TLS.

The file encryption algorithm can be set to operate based on basic authentication or to use security certificates such as PEM/ASN1, PKCS 12.

The scheduler can be set to a custom repetitive mode or you may choose one of the regular task automation options: daily, crontab, folder watch.

Quickly create automated tasks

The Automation Task Wizard in FTPGetter Standard allows you to complete the profile configuration by specifying the object of the task. You may thus configure the file download/upload from/to the FTP server or synchronize the source and destination. The console in the main window indicates the status of the transfers, including errors; the program can notify you via email when a task is completed/suspended.

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