Download files using a peer-to-peer connection, with this minimalistic torrent client that offers a basic set of features and is fully portable.

  • FTorrent
  • Version :0.1 Beta
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Freshek

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FTorrent Description

Nowadays, there are numerous torrent clients to choose from, and many offer impressive arrays of features. However, some users may simply want a basic application that allows them to download files and avoids unnecessary complications.

FTorrent is one such program, an open-source MonoTorrent-based client that offers only the features you simply cannot do without. Its minimalistic interface is easy to get accustomed to, and the application is also fully portable.

No-nonsense torrent client that keeps things simple

FTorrent was clearly designed to offer a reliable alternative to other, more complex torrent clients. It features a minimalistic interface, and its general layout should be familiar to those who have used similar applications.

However, many useful functions are not available, although this may be because the application is still in the early stages of the development process. Most importantly, the program does not support magnet links, a feature that will hopefully be included in future releases.

Simple program that still needs many improvements

Importing a new torrent is rather difficult, as it is not possible to define a default download location, which means you need to specify the save path every time you create a new job.

Additionally, you can view all the files included in each torrent, but you cannot specify which of them should be downloaded.

Moreover, while FTorrent allows you to set up download and upload speed limits, your settings are not saved when shutting down the program.

Portable application that has a minimal resource impact

FTorrent is very lightweight, as its memory usage hovered around 20 MB during our tests. The program can also be sent to the system tray, so it should not get in your way.

It is also very simple to deploy, as no installation is required, and all the saved data is stored in the application folder.

In conclusion, FTorrent is a lightweight, easy-to-use torrent client for those who feel that they can do without the advanced features offered by other, more complex file sharing utilities. It certainly shows promise, but a lot of improvements are still needed.

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