FrontFace for Public Displays

Create detailed presentations and have them display on different computers remotely at a schedule you control, by automating the time and computer they appear on.

  • FrontFace for Public Displays
  • Version :3.9.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :mirabyte GmbH & Co KG

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FrontFace for Public Displays Description

FrontFace for Public Displays is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you create enhanced presentations that may include text messages, audio and video files, webpages, as well as Flash items.

User-friendly layout

It comes with a multitude of dedicated parameters but the layout doesn’t look crowded at all. It is actually clean and embeds a well-organized set of features.

You can get started by creating a new project which stores all your media files, configuration settings, playlists, schedules and other parameters. You may save a project to your computer, network share in order to allow multiple users to access the project, or removable media.

Additionally, the program makes use of a Display Assistant in order to create, edit and save projects and allows you to activate the “Publish” feature for copying all the required files into the “Content Update Folder” of the player PC. This particular folder can be a local directory on the player PC which is either made available externally as network share or cloud storage service. Changes are automatically applied to the Content Update Folder.

Embedding slides in your presentations

You can add a new playlist (which represents a list of pages or slides that are shown sequentially in an endless loop on a screen) by entering a name and specifying the duration, screen layout, page transition effect (e.g. fade, cube, flip, side), background music (e.g. WMA, MP3, WAV), and logo (e.g. PNG, JPG). A ticker can be defined by adding URLs for RSS feeds or custom text and altering the ticker in terms of font and text color, border color, background color and speed.

Each playlist may include multiple pages, and you are allowed to create multiple playlists, edit or delete them, and import info from XML file format.

New pages can be created by specifying a name and picking the background color, duration, page layout, transition effect, background music, and keyboard shortcut.

Additionally, you may import various media files (e.g. WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, PDF, BMP) in a bulk way and add them as new pages, make use of editing features for altering images in terms of stretching options and background color, as well as generate multiple pages, pick their display order, edit or delete them, and clone the current page. Last but not least, the application supports weather forecast and entire webpages in HTML format.

Scheduled tasks and publishing options

A schedule needs to be configured for each screen of a player PC in order to trigger the moment when a certain playlist is displayed. You can create a new schedule by picking the playlist, assigning the schedule to a group for multiple actions, assigning priorities, and providing information about the start and end date, start time and recurrence (one time only, daily, weekly or monthly).

The publishing mode helps you deploy the updated content to the player PC via a network share, cloud storage service (such as OneDrive or Dropbox) or USB/removable media.

Bottom line

All in all, FrontFace for Public Displays comes with a powerful suite of features for helping you create customized presentations which can be used for advertising or information displays, welcome screens or other scenarios.

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