Perform calculations using a lightweight utility styled after the HP-42S calculator that offers multiple useful functions and multiple skin choices.

  • Free42
  • Version :2.0.4
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Thomas Okken

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Free42 Description

With computers nowadays being suitable testing grounds and development environments for every major project, specialized applications are more and more user friendly to enhance efficiency. When it comes to computing speed, utilities like Free42 save you the time needed to calculate complex math expressions, with export options to aid you in your work.

Includes a binary and decimal calculator

Based on the powerful HP-42S RPN scientific hand held calculator, the application does a pretty good job at replicating all of its functions, thus making it available on your desktop. What’s more, there’s even an implemented skin which fully resembles the HP-42S.

A neat advantage is that you can take the application everywhere you go, since it does not require an installation process. Another element of surprise is that there are two calculators, one decimal and one binary.

Several export options

Besides only displaying several digits influenced by the function buttons you combine, the application also gives you the possibility to put the result to good use. In other words, export options enable you to save expressions for later importing and processing, as well as an options to automatically have a log of operations saved to a text file under a custom name and path.

What’s more, it’s also possible to get ahold of a GIF file with the same info, as well as to simply copy values and quickly have them inserted where needed. You can choose to keep the application on top of every other window, which comes in handy when frequently using it along with other development tools.

Capable of processing complex expressions

In case you’ve never got the pleasure of putting a HP-42S calculator to good use, this is your chance to meet a virtual one. Amongst basic calculus, the application is capable of processing, sin, cos, tan, matrix, conversions, sums and a lot more.

A few last words

To sum it up, Free42 is one of the tools you need to keep around if your computer work implies complex calculus and precision. The interface is cleverly designed to resemble its hand held ancestor, letting you quickly accommodate, with the possibility to export results to easily include in other projects or process later on.

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