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Record sound through a connected microphone and save it to MP3 or WAV audio files, by using this lightweight and intuitive utility.

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Free Voice Recorder Description

When it comes to recording sound, many users would rather rely on a simpler, more intuitive application instead of a complex, feature-packed audio editing solution.

Free Voice Recorder is a straightforward utility that certainly fits the bill, as it greatly simplifies the capture process. Naturally, it may not be a good choice for experts, but it gets the job done with no unnecessary fuss.

Capture sound using a connected microphone

After going through the uneventful installation procedure, you can launch the application and begin recording sound almost immediately. Of course, you should make sure your capture device is connected beforehand.

If more than one microphone is available, you can specify which of them should be used by selecting the right one from a drop-down list.

Customize the output settings and save files to MP3 or WAV

Free Voice Recorder allows you to fine-tune multiple encoding parameters, such as the audio volume, sample rate, bit depth, channel mode, sample type and MP3 bit rate.

The recordings can be exported either to MP3 or WAV audio files, and you can specify where on your computer the output content should be saved.

Once you begin recording, you can monitor the input audio volume to ensure everything is functioning correctly, and it is possible to play the generated file within the application after the job has been completed.

Simple, no-frills audio recording utility

Free Voice Recorder may not be the chosen solution for advanced users who wish to have a more extensive range of tools at their disposal, but it is perfectly capable of capturing high-quality audio in most situations.

It features a minimalistic user interface that novices should get the hang of immediately, and the instructions available on the product’s homepage should certainly prove helpful.

In conclusion, Free Voice Recorder is a straightforward, reliable software utility that enables you to capture sound and export it to MP3 and WAV audio files. It is very easy to use, and it offers a decent number of customization options.

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