Free Video Cutter

Cut videos according to your needs.

  • Software: Free Video Cutter
  • Version : 1.3
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows Windows 10/8/7/XP
  • Requirements: No special requirements
  • Publisher : Tomatosoft

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Free Video Cutter description:

Free video cutter is a tool to cut videos, will help you make good videos. It has an intuitive very easy to use interface, you can do the work just with drag and click. It can cut the video very quickly.

Key features: Drag and drop support, you can drag the video file into the app, it will pick up the file you want to cutter. Easy to use drag bar for you to select the piece of video you want. Image preview of the position you set. Besides drag on the position bar to select the range you want to cut, you can also specify the range in unit of seconds in the textbox (for precisely manually override, ideal for long duration video, also is a fail safe measure). Based on well known ffmpeg, almost all video format could be support. And not just limited to videos, it could also used to cut the audio files. Image preview is precisely to the delta frames, not just key frames. Cutting progress display to better track of the progress, you can also stop the process in the middle if you changed your mind. Auto generate the result file name based on your file selection, save you from as much work as possible Unicode filename supported. This is a free tool based on ffmpeg, thanks all the work.

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