Free Jetico Scientific calculator

Obtain instant results for science, mathematics or engineering equations, even when working with high numbers, with the help of this simple tool.

  • Free Jetico Scientific calculator
  • Version:1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Jetico Limited

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Free Jetico Scientific calculator Description

Free Jetico Scientific calculator is a simple to use tool that can help you quickly find the results to mathematics equations, as well as other science problems. The application is lightweight, easy to use and offers you a digit board that you can use to quickly insert the numbers in the calculation field.

Reliable science calculator

Free Jetico Scientific calculator includes various functions that suit researchers, teachers or users who work with scientific operations. It allows you to find results to trigonometry functions, including sinus, cosinus or tangent at the power 1 or -1.

The program allows you to use various fixed values such as Pi or “e”, as well as calculate exponential powers of a particular number. Equations such as x to the power of y, “e” at the power of x or 10 at the power of x can easily be performed, by clicking one button.

Other functions include calculating logarithms or natural logarithms, x at the power -1 and various types of roots: square, cube and custom. Percentages and factorials can also be quickly calculated.

Memorize numbers

Free Jetico Scientific calculator features the number memorizing function, which allows you to easily store a particular value or equation for future usage.

Separate tools allow you to add or subtract the current value from the one stored in the memory of the calculator. You may also easily work with negative numbers.

Free Jetico Scientific calculator allows you to add numbers by clicking on the digit board, but does not support keyboard feed.

Reliable scientific tool

Free Jetico Scientific calculator allows you to easily find results for many types of equations, in trigonometry, functions and algebra. Moreover, it allows you to switch between degrees or radians when working with trigonometry tools. Quick and reliable as it is, the program does not allow you to type the numbers from the keyboard.

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