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This simple to use application can help you prepare for taking your Graduate Record Examination, with several multiple-choice questions.

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Free GRE Practice Test Description

Free GRE Practice Test is a reliable program that allows you to prepare yourself for the Graduate Record Examination. The application offers a series of practice questions, with multiple-choice answers, allowing you to select only one of the options. The program also features a timing function, for exam simulation.

Questions based on categories

Free GRE Practice Test allows you to customize your examination experience by selecting the number and categories of questions you wish to answer. The application offers a limited number of questions, however, it can constitute a reliable practice tool.

You can select which type of questions you wish to answer before you start the test. Thus, you can add analytical queries (15 questions), quantitative (23 questions), verbal (22 questions). You can select any one, two or all the options, with a total number of questions of 60. The program is not updated with new questions or answer options.

Multiple-choice, one answer

Each question you open features a series of answer options, depending on its difficulty, type or category. The number of answer options ranges from three to five, out of which only one is the correct choice. Once you mark an answer, you can easily change your option, but only before you move on to the next question.

The answer assessment is generated the moment you click on the Finish button. This option ends the test regardless whether you have answered all the questions or not. Similarly, you can leave questions unanswered, by clicking Next before selecting an option. The evaluation sheet indicates whether an answer is correct, wrong or not attempted.

Exam timer function

Free GRE Practice Test features a customizable countdown timer, which indicates the duration of the exam. The function is designed to help you better simulate the exam experience and counts down different amounts of time, based on how many questions you choose. The application is a reliable practice tool, however, not the questions nor the answers are updated.

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