Free EASIS Drive Cloning

Compress physical and logical drives into IMG images, restore data from images, as well as clone drives to other drives using this simple and free tool.

  • Free EASIS Drive Cloning
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :EASIS GmbH

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Free EASIS Drive Cloning Description

Designed as the free edition of EASIS Drive Cloning, this is an intuitive software application that enables you to quickly compile disk drives into IMG image files, restore data from IMG, as well as to clone partitions.

Clean and intuitive interface

It copies drives byte by byte and delivers IMG files with an optimized size, thanks to a refined Zlib algorithm. The RAW format is supported. The utility doesn’t include advanced configuration parameters, so it can be handled even by users less experienced with such apps. It’s free for non-commercial usage only.

Packed in a simple interface made from a standard window with a minimalistic design, the program invites you to select one of the three main options: create a image, restore an image, or clone drives.

Create and restore images, clone drives, and run simulations

It lists all drives when you want to create an IMG file, giving you the possibility to view only the physical or logical ones. After selecting an identified partition from the list, you can indicate the output directory and IMG file name, and view device details (e.g. type, size).

Furthermore, you can instruct Free EASIS Drive Cloning to create a log file, and start the operation with one click. It’s also possible to run a simulation before doing this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you compile multiple selected partitions into a single image.

Restoring an image is the reversal procedure, which reconstructs the original files from an IMG file. The drive cloning operation is equally easy, since all you have to do is specify the source and output drives.

Evaluation and conclusion

It may take a while to carry out tasks, depending on the size of the partitions. No errors popped up in our tests, though, and the tool didn’t freeze or crash. It didn’t hog system resources.

To conclude, Free EASIS Drive Cloning provides you with an approachable solution for creating IMG images from partitions, restoring them, and cloning drives.

For additional features, such as improved image compression and bad sector re-reading, make sure to check out the commercial edition of the application, EASIS Drive Cloning.

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