Free Business Card Maker

Create and print simple business cards using shapes, text, and logos from local image files, with this lightweight software utility.

  • Free Business Card Maker
  • Version :1.0.295
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :HLP Software

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Free Business Card Maker Description

Even though it is much easier to get in touch with various people these days than ever before, there is still no simpler way of providing someone with your contact details than by handing them a business card.

Free Business Card Maker is a straightforward, no-frills application that can help you design and print personalized business cards in a few easy steps. It is lightweight and very easy to deploy, but it offers no templates and only a limited number of features.

Design business cards using text, shapes and images

Before anything else, you should define the dimensions of your new business card and select the desired background color from the Settings menu.

Once that is done, you can move on to adding your logo. The application allows you to import JPG, BMP and GIF files, but other formats, such as PNG, are not supported.

When adding a text box, you can choose any font you deem appropriate, change the text size and style, fine-tune its alignment and select the right background color.

Finally, it is possible to insert rectangles, circles, ovals and squares, as well as rounded rectangles and rounded squares. These can be resized freely, and you can customize their background color.

Lacks advanced features and offers no templates

While Free Business Card Maker is a great tool for users who know what they want to create, those who require a bit of assistance may want to look elsewhere. Sadly, no business card templates are provided, so you need to start from scratch when beginning a new project.

Also, the program cannot help you align the inserted elements, and it is not possible to change their order after they are added.

Additionally, the created business cards cannot be exported, as you can only print them or save the design to a project file.

Lightweight utility that features an outdated interface

As far as looks are concerned, Free Business Card Maker is not particularly impressive. The user interface is far from modern, and it could use quite a bit more polish.

Overall, this is a simple, no-nonsense application that provides you with a set of basic tools for designing and printing personalized business cards. However, it lacks some useful features, and it does not include any templates to get you started on the right track.

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