Free Auto Clicker

Record and play mouse clicks to save time on repetitive tasks using this app that lets you set the clicking interval, mouse button and stop time.

  • Free Auto Clicker
  • Version :5.3.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NITBits Inc

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Free Auto Clicker Description

For computer projects which involve repetitive tasks, you can resort to mouse clickers. By recording mouse movement and events, you can create and play macros to simulate human interaction.

Record macros with mouse clicks

Free Auto Clicker is a small-sized tool with simple options to help you record and play mouse clicks. It comes packed in a user-friendly interface that shows all settings in plain sight, making it easy to tinker with the configuration and figure out how it works, even if you haven’t used similar software before.

Pay close attention to setup

Before getting to the main event, you should dedicate a bit of time to the installation because it’s tricky. Free Auto Clicker is ad-supported, which means that it offers to download and install additional tools. These aren’t necessary for the mouse clicker to work properly, so you can decline the offers if you’re not interested in these optional components.

Move the mouse to remember click positions

The main window has an elegant look and simple layout, where the configuration can be made using the keyboard.

To record mouse clicks, make sure that Free Auto Clicker’s window is in focus, then move the cursor to each position and press Space to record it. It’s possible to record as many positions as you want.

Save the clicking configuration to file

The number of total clicks is displayed in the main window, along with their coordinates. This is useful if you want to save the configuration to file and open it later to repeat the mouse clicks without going through the trouble of recording the same movements again.

Set the click frequency, mouse button, and stop time

Furthermore, you can set the interval between two clicks (in milliseconds, 800ms by default), select which mouse button to simulate clicking for (left or right), prevent Free Auto Clicker from staying on top of other windows, and ask the tool to stop the macro after any number of seconds or clicks. Otherwise, it enters a loop and stops only after you give this command.

Once the configuration is ready, you can click the “Start” button to play the macro on the spot. Unfortunately, there is no hotkey available for performing this action, so you cannot hide Free Auto Clicker’s window during the macro (nor while recording it).

Functionality issues

Sadly, we’ve noticed plenty of issues in our tests that make Free Auto Clicker impractical. For instance, it displays an error dialog if you accidentally specify a negative number for the number of clicks or clicking time.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem but the error dialog keeps popping up when trying to return to the main window. In this case, we were forced to close Free Auto Clicker’s process from Task Manager and restart it.

On top of that, it deletes the list of mouse coordinates if you press the Delete key when trying to erase the time setting options. This action should’ve been confined to the “X-Y List” box.

Unreliable mouse clicker

However, the worst part is that it didn’t perform mouse clicks every 2 clicks, although the cursor was moved to the correct position. There is no feature implemented for recording mouse movements but only clicks.

Unfortunately, Free Auto Clicker has too many functionality problems that we cannot overlook, even if it’s freeware.

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