A lightweight, yet reliable application that works as a borderless and captionless image viewer with command line arguments support.

  • Frameless
  • Version :1.1.8 Build 1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :FlatPress

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Frameless Description

Most image viewers provide you with a lot of features, that could sometimes become too obtrusive or stray from the main purpose of the program.

Frameless is a simplistic, yet highly useful piece of software that provides you with a borderless and captionless image viewer. In addition, the program works with Command Line arguments, allowing you advanced image displays.

A simplistic, yet potent image viewer

The application can help you view your images in the most basic way, as it displays no additional borders or captions, just the picture you selected. This can be considered an advantage on most cases, as you can get a clear view of your image, without being displayed other tools or buttons that might block your picture.

Furthermore, you can easily navigate through pictures or change the position if the image on the screen using hotkeys. You can also find out the position of your picture on the screen, as well as its width and height, both measured in pixels.

Advanced image display using Command Line arguments

Frameless can be used as a Command Line tool, by writing down the arguments needed to display a picture. You can display images for a certain period of time, or change their transparency. All these parameters are optional, as you can run the application using only the path of your image, although some of them could help you better view a picture.

Aside from this, the program does not require installation, being portable enough to be used from a flash drive or data disc. It also requires low computer resources, thanks to the fact that it mainly works with Command Line parameters.

A powerful tool for viewing pictures

To sum it up, Frameless is an ideal image viewer for those who want to display pictures without having to see any other captions or borders.

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