A simple to use application designed to open, edit and publish online multiple picture formats, in a modern looking HUD interface.

  • Fragment
  • Version :1.6.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mihail Naydenov

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Fragment Description

Fragment is a reliable software that enables you to open multiple image formats, perform minor edits and publish them online. The software enables you to view the images contained in a folder as thumbnails, enlarge them to screen fit or open them in full screen. Moreover, you can rotate and crop any supported picture.

Open thumbnails from folders

Fragment supports multiple types of opening a photo: you may drag and drop it from Windows Explorer, open it individually or load the source folder and select it from the thumbnails. The software can process all the supported image types that it detects in the source folder, then display them on the thumbnail bar. You may slide through the row of images, then single-click on either of them in order to open it.

The software enables you to also perform minor editing of the image, meaning you can crop parts of it or rotate it, then overwrite the original file or save it as a different image. The software can only rotate the image at 90 degrees angles, in other words transform a landscape image to a portrait format.

Clever zoom-in tool and modern looking interface

Fragment features a head-up display (HUD) type of interface, in which data is visually represented to the user, similar to a game menu. The name is inspired by the head-up displays used in modern aircraft. This type of interface and the ease of browsing through the thumbnails offers you a pleasant experience of viewing images.

Moreover, the software enables you to zoom in and out on each picture, in order to observe details. You can operate the zoom tool from your mouse scroll wheel, as long as you enable the dedicated option. Additionally, you may associate more picture formats with the software and open several extra image types.

Open and browse through image collections

Fragment offers you a pleasant image viewing experience, thanks to its modern looking interface and the thumbnail bar, that you can slide through to open the pictures. The software allows you to easily browse through the images, then open them with a single click. You may view all the images as thumbnails, in screen fit mode or in full screen.

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