Fractal eXtreme

Explore multiple fractal sets, save favorite locations, customize colors and export pictures to share with friends with thanks to this powerful app.

  • Fractal eXtreme
  • Version :2.25
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Cygnus Software

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Fractal eXtreme Description

Art is found in various forms and can nowadays be generated with computer programs. It’s pretty difficult to define it, since anything can become art. For instance, even math has developed a powerful form through complex algorithms, with one of the most popular examples being the Mandelbrot set. Based on this and several others, Fractal eXtreme lets you explore the unknown sides of math and generate stunning images.

To infinity and beyond

You’re pushed into opening a new file the first moment you run the application. As such, you get a general idea of the amount of potential hidden behind the rather simple interface, thanks to the decent number of templates at your disposal. A list holds multiple variations of the Mandelbrot set, as well as corresponding Julia sets.

A neat advantage of other applications of its kind is that each set is fitted with a description that also includes the mathematical operation through which to reach it. Since you can zoom in an infinite times on such sets, just try to imagine the variety put at your disposal.

Customize quality and colors

If you want to fully go through what the application has to offer, you need to make the considerable effort of not zooming in too many times, otherwise you risk getting caught in exploring the infinite locations offered by the beauty of mathematics.

Nearly every aspect is customizable, with effects being applied in real time. Most tools bring up new windows that let you drag sliders around to adjust colors, drop down menus for presets, quality settings and a lot more.

Keep an eye on CPU usage

One thing you really need to consider is the potential of your computer. This is because the further you zoom in, the more operations your CPU has to perform, and it is only capable of processing so many. Don’t be greedy and try to explore as many of the available locations and sets as possible.

Multiple ways to save and export favorite locations

Furthermore, you can save locations either as screens to know where and how much you traveled or under visual presets so that application directly loads them. There are even some export options at your disposal to generate an image or even a zoom movie.

This is made possible thanks to a neat feature. Accessing the auto explorer function is rather self-explanatory. A compact window gives you the possibility to set speed and increment level and even have a picture taken automatically and saved to a custom location.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Fractal eXterme is amongst the best of its kind, making you understand the notion of infinity. There are a lot more possibilities and goodies hidden within this gem, but the true surprise is figuring them out yourself. Just remember to stop at some point and give your computer some time to breathe.

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