Foxit PhantomPDF Education

A PDF manipulation tool specifically designed for the educational environment, providing basic document creating, viewing, and editing capabilities.

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Foxit PhantomPDF Education Description

As its name suggests, the Education edition of Foxit PhantomPDF is specifically designed for educational institutions and students who need a reliable PDF manipulation tool. Although more limited with respect to the other editions, the feature set of Foxit PhantomPDF Education is generous, deploying PDF creation, viewing, conversion, and editing capabilities.

Powerful PDF editing and conversion functions

With a ribbon-based interface, Foxit PhantomPDF Education provides one-click access to all its functions. First of all, it can be used as a multi-document viewer, but its power comes from the advanced PDF manipulation tools it provides. It enables you to rotate all or some pages, edit text and objects, insert new pages and new text sections, add hyperlinks to URLs, attach files, and annotate multimedia content to a document.

PDF conversion is also possible. Foxit PhantomPDF Education can create PDF files out of Office documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project, Outlook), HTML or text files, and the other way around. Furthermore, it can capture content from the clipboard, a web page or the scanner and convert it to PDF. It also features OCR support, which means it can convert text inside images to editable content.

The functionality of Foxit PhantomPDF Education is not limited to PDF editing and conversion. It also delivers form editing options, and PDF optimization tools, as well as document organizing options, allowing you to extract, move, split, duplicate, replace and crop pages, add watermarks on the document, change its background, and add it a header and a footer. Comments and stamps can also be inserted into the file, and drawings can be overlayed on top of the document content to highlight important areas.

Document security and file sharing are top priorities

One of the application’s most important features is related to document security. It can remove sensitive information from the text, protect the content with a password or a certificate, sign the document using DocuSign, or add it a time stamp. Those who want to manage their security configuration easier can create and save custom policies to apply to documents.

PDF files created with Foxit PhantomPDF Education can be shared via email or sent to Evernote or SharePoint. And if that is not enough for encouraging teamwork, you can register to ConnectedPDF, which allows you to track modifications each team contributor performs.

A full-featured PDF manipulation toolbox

Whether you want to use it as a viewer with integrated read mode or need an extended PDF editing and management utility, Foxit PhantomPDF Education can deliver it all. It comes with an integrated converter, editing features, and robust document protection tools while also encouraging teamwork and data sharing. To put it another way, it is one of the most comprehensive PDF manipulation tools dedicated to the educational environment.

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