Foxit PDF Toolkit

A PDF processing suite that bundles various command line tools to help you convert images and Office files to PDF, manage headers and footers, and many more.

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Foxit PDF Toolkit Description

Foxit PDF Toolkit is an all-in-one PDF conversion, optimization, watermarking, and protection suite that bundles various command-line utilities ready to assist you in handling such documents. Without requiring installation, the toolkit can be easily deployed and integrated with your own applications, so as to add them PDF processing capabilities.

The range of tools included in the package aims to meet all the needs and requirements of users as far as PDF manipulation is concerned. Each of the individual applications comes with an assortment of commands that can be used to customize the output.

Convert images and Office documents to PDF

With the help of the Image2PDF tool, you can easily convert popular image formats, such as BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, JPX, TIF, TIFF, to PDF. Batch processing is supported, which means Foxit PDF Toolkit can convert the contents of a folder of your choice in one go.

The array of customization options is not disappointing at all. It enables you to set the page dimensions and margins, configure bookmarking, enter the desired resolution, or choose the number of CPU threads to use.

The Office2PDF tool is similar but note that Office must be installed for the conversion to take place. Foxit PDF Toolkit can create PODF documents that are compliant with the PDF/A standard.

Tamper with headers and footers, apply watermarks, and optimize PDFs

Foxit PDF Toolkit makes it possible for you to insert header and footer information into existing PDF files, provided you have an XML file containing the data. And if you don’t, the Foxit PDFHeaderFooter Configuration Tool can help you create one with ease.

Another useful tool is the PDF watermarking utility, which enables you to add text or image watermarks onto your documents, with custom opacity, rotation angle, position, and size. The watermark configuration can be created with the Foxit PDFWatermark Configuration Tool and then used as an argument in the console.

Last, but not least, the PDF optimization tool enables you to reduce the size of your PDF files to free up storage space, making them easier to share or backup. The optimizer uses various compression algorithms and various tweaks you can use to obtain lightweight files, such as discarding objects, streams, links, or bookmarks.

Fast PDF manipulation toolkit that provides full control over the output

Providing multi-thread support, Foxit PDF Toolkit ensures fast processing speed. Since it deploys lightweight command line tools, it is easy to integrate with other applications. But its utmost feature is the high control it offers over the output. However, it would be of great use to have a PDF to image, or Office converter included in the package.

While they can only be launched via the command console, all utilities display a detailed set of usage instructions, showing the syntax of each command, alongside its function. Anyone with minimum experience in working with the console should be able to use it without facing difficulties, and the extensive documentation is there if you get stuck.

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