Transfer contacts, movies, photos and other data from a mobile device to another one by using this user-friendly and reliable application.

  • FoneCopy
  • Version :1.2.32
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Aiseesoft Studio.

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FoneCopy Description

One of the main issues that many users face when buying a new phone is related to copying their personal data from the old device to a new one without much effort, yet there are applications that can help in this regard.

One of them is FoneCopy, designed specifically for those moments when users need to transfer various files and other data from a device to another fast.

Straightforward interface

The tool comes with a simple, intuitive interface that makes it very easy for users to start transferring their data from one mobile phone to another even if they do not poses advanced computer knowledge.

The software automatically detects the phones that have been connected to the PC and provides users with the possibility to start copying files with only a mouse click.

The app’s main window displays info on the connected devices and, when two or more of them are recognized, it allows users to select the source and target in order start the transfer immediately.

Support for various iOS devices

The tool has been built with support for a wide range of iOS devices, allowing users to transfer data between iPads, iPhones and iPods with only a few clicks.

Regardless of whether they are trying to move from an old device to a brand new one or they are trying to save data from a damaged handset, uses can take advantage of FoneCopy in a wide range of situations.

Easily transfer contacts, music, and other files

The application has been designed with support for copying a wide range of file formats, thus allowing users to easily move their music, photos, and other files to a new device. It also offers support for the copying of contacts.

On its main window, the program displays info on the number of files that are being transferred, while also showing how many of them are photos, contacts, or audio files.

A simple, fast application

All in all, FoneCopy is an easy-to-use, intuitive application for transferring data from one phone to another, albeit it offers support only for iOS devices for the time being. It does not require advanced computer skills to be operated, and can also detect multiple connected devices at the same time.

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