Manage and organize your folders / files in a dual-pane interface, with features for listing, printing, (un)packing, renaming, or distributing contact.

  • FolderViewer
  • Version : 5.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MatirSoft

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FolderViewer Description

Those who handle large volumes of information and various types of content, could require a tool that would help them manage and organize their data. There are numerous software packages that offer such solutions and one of them is FolderViewer. It was developed in order to provide users with a way of obtaining a good management of their different types of data. Carrying numerous tools for organizing and handling multiple formats and content types, it promises to offer a comprehensive file and folder management system.

Consistent interface that accommodates multiple tabs and panels with tools that provide increased flexibility

FolderViewer comes packed with a well designed interface that was aimed at offering users an efficient handling of all their data. Organized into several tabs that provide access to numerous features, the application’s layout allows users easy access to a file explorer, Internet tools, various libraries for documents, images, audio or video files.

In addition to its main feature that provides enhanced content management, the utility also offers several extra features that can prove to be very useful. One will be able to edit various files by using the incorporated editor, which features support for an extensive library of programming languages. Furthermore, the network and system tools will allow people to perform IP monitoring or WhoIS queries.

Ensure your PC’s directories are well organized with this feature-packed utility that provides impressive file management tools

Users will be able to access an enhanced file explorer module, who’s layout can be customized in order to meet their specific requirements. The on-screen commands provide easy-access to numerous useful file and folder management commands and allow people to access file attributes and properties or even add GEO Tags.

To complement the file and folder manager, the application’s “System tools” tab offers one an impressive array of system utilities, centralized into a single window. Users will be able to access Windows Tools, the Control Panel, ODBC Manager or DOS Pompt and PowerShell ISE, directly from the application’s interface. User account management is also provided, enabling people to easily edit their PCs’ accounts and associated passwords.

Comprehensive software solution that shelters consistent file management features and system tools

FolderViewer is an application that could be a great choice for those who require a reliable file and folder manager for organizing their data. Featuring a thoughtful design that incorporates numerous quick access features and tools, the application provides users with an enhanced file / folder management system. Additionally, it also comes packed with dedicated modules for network monitoring and system tools, which complete the bundle.

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