Generate flowcharts while typing, follow a step-by-step wizard or insert shapes and connectors manually, with this handy Excel add-in.

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FlowBreeze Description

If you often need to create and edit Excel flowcharts, you could benefit from using an application that can automate the process and save you a lot of time and effort.

FlowBreeze is a powerful Microsoft Excel add-in that simplifies the task of creating flowcharts by generating shapes as your are typing. Aside from this interactive mode, it also offers an intuitive wizard and allows you to insert shapes and connectors manually.

Your projects can be saved to multiple image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF) or exported directly to web pages.

Interactive flowchart creation mode

The application’s most noteworthy feature is that it enables you to design flowcharts quickly, by converting your written text into various shapes in real-time and adding connectors automatically.

FlowBreeze monitors the inserted content to determine which type of symbols need to be added. These can be controlled with user-specified keywords or prefixes.

Built-in flowchart wizard

One of the included processing methods is especially suitable for novices, as it requires you to follow a series of simple steps. This feature enables you to generate graphics very quickly, as you only need to enter the necessary text items, and then have the application arrange them in chart form.

Various advanced settings can be altered, such as the flowchart’s layout, object spacing, the types of symbols and styles to be used, as well as connector placement.

Fine-tune flowchart structure

After you have created a design using one of the available methods, you can perform certain adjustments, to ensure the layout is appropriate for the flowchart’s intended purpose.

FlowBreeze can display all the available shapes and connectors in a convenient side panel, making it easy to add or replace items in your project.

Overall, this is a useful Microsoft Excel add-in that can automate the task of creating flowcharts, as it generates graphical content as you are typing. It also offers other chart creation methods and includes extensive documentation.

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