Flipboard for Windows 10/8.1

Read the latest news and explore Twitter posts as well as Facebook timelines within the same place using this comprehensive software solution.

  • Flipboard for Windows 10/8.1
  • Version:
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Flipboard, Inc.

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Flipboard for Windows 10/8.1 Description

There are numerous software solutions for reading the latest articles on the web and keep up to date with all the news around the world. However, only a handful of these also provide access to your Twitter posts or the Facebook timeline within the same window. Such an app is Flipboard for Windows 10/8.1.

Lets you subscribe to reliable news sources

The program can be installed only on computers and tablets running Windows 10/8.1, so those still running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 need to upgrade their OS before getting the chance to enjoy the benefits of the app.

The interface of Flipboard might seem a little overwhelming at first, but it is in fact neatly organized and users can find their news sorted in categories and they can subscribe to the ones they are most interested in.

Offers support for Twitter and Facebook

As previously mentioned, Flipboard offers support for Twitter and Facebook, thus allowing users to keep in touch with their friends or their work contacts without giving up on reading the latest news.

Additionally, other accounts can also be linked to Flipboard, such as Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, SoundCloud, YouTube and others.

Enables you to create your own magazines

One of the innovations of Flipboard is that users can create a so-called ‘magazine’ out of the content they like best, assign it a title and a brief description, so they can come back to it at a later time. Additionally, they can choose to make their magazines public, so other users can find and read them as well, or they can keep them private.

Helps you stay up to date with worldwide events

All in all, Flipboard can help users keep up to date with news all over the world, without losing touch with the articles posted on their personal accounts. Unfortunately, it seems one cannot add custom RSS feeds so they need to settle for one of the numerous sources provided within Flipboard.

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