Download all your favorite pictures from Flickr in the highest resolution available, with the help of this lightweight and intuitive program.

  • FlickEr
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Duy Tran

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FlickEr Description

FlickEr is a lightweight and easy to handle piece of software that was designed to offer you the means of grabbing pictures you like from flickr.com, saving them to your computer, to any size you prefer.

Practical and accessible GUI

The utility is quite simple to understand and work with, its very intuitive user interface posing little to no problem for anyone, regardless of your prior level of experience in using such tools.

The main window of FlickEr is very clear-cut and to the point, featuring a field for entering the targeted images’ URL, a menu to let you select the size of the files and a destination directory on your computer.

Obtain your favorite Flickr photographs in a few swift moves of your mouse

The program is able to download entire folders of images from flickr.com in one go, requiring you simply to input the proper Photostream, Album or Group URL into the dedicated field, in its window; other types of links are not supported.

However, bear in mind that for private pictures, you need to login to your account and authorize the application, in order for it to have access to those photos. Subsequently, you can select the preferred size for the files, with multiple options being available for you to choose from.

Finally, you can define the output destination of the images, then press on the ‘Download’ button. A progress bar will keep you informed about the level of completion of the task, letting you cancel it if necessary. This may take more or less time, depending on the amount of items being saved.

During testing, the tool presented no errors or problems, but it did not always manage to download the pictures from the indicated links. While a progress bar was displayed and even a folder created in the save location, sometimes it would only grab one file, or none at all.

A compact image downloader for you to save photos off flickr.com

To conclude, FlickEr is a useful and simple to work with application that you can use for saving photographs from flickr.com, being able to obtain entire albums in one go, with little effort entailed. However, it could use some work in what concerns its ability to actually download the files, not all of them being grabbed by the utility, despite indicating otherwise.

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