Send and receive multiple files between devices with just one finder swipe, thanks to this intuitive and user-friendly application.

  • Flick
  • Version : Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ydangle Apps

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Flick Description

Working with the same file formats on multiple devices and platforms is no longer a difficulty, but getting that file on the devices can still pose some problems, as one of the most popular options requires you to upload it to some online storage account and wait for the synchronization to complete, which can sometimes take quite a while.

For almost instant transfers and no login to waste your time, you can resort to Flick, a cross-platform application that can help you move files from other devices running the same software, with just a swipe of your finder.

Straightforward and intuitive usage

The installation process of the utility is streamlined and undemanding, running minimized in the notification area once complete, so you can access it at all times, with minimal effort.

At the top of your screen, the ‘Flicktop’ area can be found just by dragging a file toward it or by opening it from the system tray context menu of the application.

File sharing between devices with a finger flick

The program is capable of using both WiFi and Bluetooth for data transfer. All you need to do is select the file(s) you wish to send and drag it to the ‘Flicktop’ area. Detected devices that are running Flick are also listed, so you can share your file with the ones you need.

Thanks to the sandboxed transfer method, once the files are loaded on the ‘Flicktop’, you can choose which to send, save or delete. Moreover, should you wish to send the same file to several devices at once, you can select the ‘Broadcast’ option from the context menu.

Flick supports all sorts of data, including PDFs and images. You can just drag and drop them from your computer to the ‘Flicktop’, the receiving devices being able to save them. You can also ‘Lock’ a file to prevent it from being deleted.

A useful file transfer tool for devices running different operating systems

In closing, Flick can provide you with a simple means of sharing files between different devices, saving you the time and effort required to login to your Cloud accounts, as you can just drag and drop the files to the intended recipient.

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