Make your photos stand out with their unusual or bizarre spheres, impossible angles and eccentric panoramas with this lightweight utility.

  • Flexify
  • Version :2.88
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Flaming Pear

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Flexify Description

If you are thinking to include spherical panoramas in your next photography exhibition or project, then it is likely that you are shopping around for lenses that can help you take your best shots.

Flexify is a utility that you can include in any third-party software that supports Photoshop plug-ins to create impressive panoramas, cartography or cube maps.

Well-designed, simple and straightforward interface

Since it is a plug-in, you can install and access it from the options of the third-party photo editing software solution you are using. The utility includes an interface of its own that features several editing options, a preview section and an unusual parameter saving option.

More exactly, the application allows you to save a certain preview using the available dots located in the lower region of the interface. On a side note, you can learn more about the various capabilities of the plug-in and simplify your work by accessing the info section.

A plethora of inputs and outputs

First off, Flexify enables you to select the desired longitude, spin, latitude, FOV, sharpness and tabs to enhance the original picture. In case you want to speed things up a bit, you can browse through the random settings feature until you find a sample that you can enhance.

The highlight of the application is the wide range of inputs and outputs you can choose from. Therefore, you can select a Hammer, Vertical cross, soccer, mylar, polar or mirror ball as input for your project for instance.

Among the output option you have at your disposal, you can count loop, icomap, tetra tile, shift lens, oculus, spikeball or umbrella to name a few. The utility also allows you to find the photo composition and inputs together using various types of glues, such as screendim, dextrous, parietal, hard mix or temporal.

In spite of the multitude of options, you cannot make the most out of the app without a solid knowledge of what they do and a lot of patience.

A tool for advanced users

While it might be a complex utility, Flexify can provide professional photographers with a lot of help for their next project or exhibition.

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