Create your own screensavers starting from SWF files or Flash URLs, with this utility that offers customizable installer settings.

  • FlashSCR
  • Version:6.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:ExeIcon

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FlashSCR Description

Users who appreciate the functionality of screensavers and prefer to build their own custom ones, might resort to some software suites that could be too complex. Fortunately, there are also more accessible software packages and one of these is FlashSCR. It will offer a basic solution for creating and editing custom screensavers, starting out from SWF files or Flash URLs.

Basic interface that incorporates a good set of tools for designing custom screensavers

The application comes packed with a crude interface that reminds of Windows XP applications and users can expect to find its tools presented through rough, basic buttons. Nevertheless, going past its minimalist looks, one can appreciate the smooth handling that FlashSCR offers and the overall ease-of-use.

Users will be presented with two working modes – simple and advanced; by targeting the final outcome through such an approach, the application ensures that both novice and experienced users might be pleased with its tools.

Consistent collection of features meant to help one customize the screensaver parameters

Although quite basic on first impressions, FlashSCR does hide within its interfaces a more than decent set of screensaver building features. People will be able to add their own SWF files or input a Flash website and by selecting the “Build” command, the application will create the respective screensaver.

For demanding users, the advanced mode offers more customization in terms of frame settings, time delay, quality, looping, scaling or alignment. Additionally, one can also select for the application to install the resulted screensaver in the operating system and the application offers plenty customization for the installer.

Clever application that will help users who prefer to create their own custom screensavers

Considering its good balance between the number of features offered and handling efficiency, FlashSCR could be a fair choice for those who wish to build their owns screensavers. The application will allow them to use SWF files or Flash URLs and construct the screensavers based upon their input configuration settings. Featuring both simple and advanced modes, it will be appreciated by novice and experienced users alike.

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